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Buttermilk Shoot

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Driven Shooting

Buttermilk Shoot is a 900 acre block adjacent to Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire consisting of a 450 acre block of mixed woodland with open grassed areas and the remainder, a patch work of arable fields with hawthorn hedgerows. There are three main ponds and several small splashes across the shoot which will offer a great variety of shooting. We are releasing pheasant and duck on the shoot which provides fantastic sport.

We took the shoot over in 2012 and transformed it into a great sporting shoot. The woodland has some very interesting drives to offer, from shooting pheasants over the open ride to mixed drives of pheasants and duck over the arable fields. Guns are welcome to bring dogs, provided they are controlled. All dogs will be given plenty of time after each drive to pick up birds before the pickers up start.

If you require a loader, minder or coach please let us know so that we can provide you with the right person for the job. We also hire guns and can supply cartridges for the day if you should need them. Please note, both will need to be booked and paid for in advance.

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Walked Up Shooting

We now offer walked up days over 5000 acres of mixed mature woodland, arable fields and hedgerows in and around the central Bedfordshire area; adjacent to Woburn. These days are traditional walked up days with mixed bags of pheasant, woodcock and duck. We aim to shoot between 40-50 head of game on the day and can accommodate 6-8 guns.

Evening Duck Flighting

We offer 14 duck ponds and lakes for evening flighting to choose from. You'll be placed out to give you the best evening sport. Ideal for 2 guns per pond. Mixed bag of mallard, teal, wigeon. Also shoveler, tufted, pochard, Canada and greylag geese with occasional flighting woodcock. The flight lasts for about an hour - bag is dependent upon weather.

Woodpigeon Shooting

We offer 2 packages for pigeon shooting. A fully guided shoot for 1-4 guns over decoys. Our second package is for those who like to bring their own equipment. We'll provide the area of farmland which we recommend should produce a decent bag. Please contact us for further information on the best shooting times of the year.

A Typical Shoot Day

9 am

Meet on the grass field for tea and coffee, and the shoot briefing (drawing of numbers and safety talk).

9.30 am

Once ready it's into your 4x4 and out to the shoot for the first drive. A whistle will signal the end of the drive.

There will be two drives then refreshments and nibbles in the field, followed by one or two more drives.


If all Guns could bring your own pack lunch and drinks and we will provide a lunch area on the shoot.

1 pm

We will then do one or two more drives.


End of the day The host will distribute the shoot cards with all the days' bag totals and a brace of birds to take home.