Bespoke Deer Stalking in Great Britain and Europe

Chinese Water Deer

A small species intermediate between muntjac and roe deer. No antlers but large protruding tusks in bucks, which are generally only visible in adults. The tusks are used as defence during the rut. Ears large and rounded giving a " teddy bear" like appearance. Coat a russet-brown in summer pale to grey-brown in the winter.

Adult size 11 to 18 kg, 50 to 55cm at shoulder. Little variation between sexes.

The British population is thought to account for 20% of the world's population.

Highest population in the UK is Bedfordshire.

The rut is during November and December. Bucks perform parallel walks with invading rivals, as do other deer species, and only fight if their dominance order is not identified using this method. Unlike antlered species, fighting in Chinese water deer rarely results in fatality but injuries are common.

Breeding: Does give birth during May to July after a six to seven month gestation, usually 1 to 4 fawns.

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