Bespoke Deer Stalking in Great Britain and Europe


Small, stocky, brown in summer, grey brown in winter. Long pedicles, antlers and visible upper canines in bucks. Very large facial (sub orbital) glands below the eyes. Ginger forehead with pronounced black lines running to the pedicles in bucks, dark diamond shape on does. Haunches higher than withers, giving a hunched appearance. Fairly wide tail, which is held erect when disturbed.

Adult size Bucks: 10 to 18kg, 44 to 52cm at shoulder.

Does: 9 to 16kg, 43 to 52cm at shoulder. Highest population in the UK is Central England.

The rut In contrast to all other species of deer in Britain, muntjac do not have a defined breeding season (rut). Instead, they breed all year round and the does can conceive again within days of giving birth. Bucks may fight for access to does but remain unusually tolerant of subordinate males within their vicinity.

Breeding: Muntjac are capable of breeding at 8 months old and breed all year round. After a gestation period of 7 months the doe gives birth to a single fawn and is ready to mate again within a few days.

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