Bespoke Deer Stalking in Great Britain and Europe

Red Deer

Our largest land-mammal. Antlers. Highly branched. The number of branches increases with age. Up to 16 points in native animals. The angle between the brow tine and the main beam is always more than 90 degrees. This is important in distinguishing red deer from the related sika.

Summer coat is reddish brown to brown, winter coat is brown to grey. No spots present in adult coat. Large, highly branched antlers in the stag.

Adult size. Stags 90-190kg, 107-137cm at shoulder. Females (hinds) 63-120kg, up to 107-122cm at shoulder

UK distribution. Native stock common in the Scottish Highlands, Dumfriesshire, Lake District, East Anglia and the south-west of England. Feral stock present in the north of England, north Midlands, East Anglia, the New Forest and Sussex.

In woodlands red deer are largely solitary or occur as mother and calf groups. On open ground, larger, single sex groups assemble, only mixing during the rut and in the Highlands of Scotland large groups may persist for most of the year.

The breeding season, on rut, occurs from the end of September to November. Stags return to hind's home range and compete for access to hinds by engaging in elaborate displays of dominance including roaring, parallel walks and fighting. The dominant stag then ensures exclusive mating with the hinds.