Bespoke Deer Stalking in Great Britain and Europe

Roe Deer

Small & elegant. White rump patch with short tush in females. Summer: reddish brown. Winter: grey, pale brown or (occasionally) black. Antlers. Rugose, short (<30cm), 3 tines (points) on each.

Adult Size 10 to 25kg, 60 to 75cm at shoulder (bucks - males slight- ly larger than does - females).

Common & widespread UK Distribution. Throughout Scotland and England except parts of Kent and the Midlands. Invading Wales from England. An increase in woodland and forest planting in the 20th century has meant that roe deer have become widespread and abundant today.

Recognition. Roe deer are native to Britain.

Roe deer are active throughout the 24-hour period but make more use of open spaces during the hours of darkness. Peak times of activity are at dawn and dusk. Long periods are spent "lying up", which is where the deer lies down to ruminate between feeding bouts.

The rut, or breeding season, occurs between mid-July to mid-August. Bucks become aggressive and maintain exclusive territories around one or more does prior to this period

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