Bespoke Deer Stalking in Great Britain and Europe

Sika Deer

Reddish brown to yellow-brown, dark dorsal stripe surrounded by white spots in the summer. Dark grey to black, spots faint or absent during the winter. Tail shorter and with less distinct stripe than fallow. Very distinct white gland on hind leg. Antlers are branched, similar to red deer but usually with a maximum of eight points.

Adult Stags: 40 to 70 kg, 70 to 95cm at shoulder. Hinds: 30 to 45kg, 50 to 90cm at shoulder, dependent on subspecies.

Sika are fairly unsocial, tending to be solitary for most of the year and only form small groups in winter. The sexes are strongly segregated and occupy discrete geographic ranges for most of the year, only coming together to mate.

Breeding: Sika have a wide repertoire of vocalisations. Stags groan, blow raspberries, yak-yak and give a high-pitched whistle during the rut or can emit a startling scream! Hinds with calves whine and calves reply with a bleat or squeak. When alarmed both sexes give a short, high-pitched bark.