Bespoke Sport Fishing in Great Britain and Europe


White Sturgeon have been on earth for over 250 million years, can live over 150 years and grow their entire life. Historically reaching lengths of over 19 ft and weighing up to 1000 kilograms White Sturgeon are the largest freshwater game fish in Canada. Today Sturgeon fishing is managed as a catch and release sport fishery with fish attaining lengths of over 10 feet (fork length) caught yearly. Sturgeon are fished 12 months of the year with the most popular months being April - November. All Sturgeon caught during your adventure will be sampled, tagged and measured as part of the on going conservation program managed by the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society. Catches are daily and consistent throughout the year.

Prime Times: April - November

Chinook Salmon

Also known as Spring or King salmon, they are the largest of the salmon species, growing to over 60 lbs. They are very strong fighters and can spool 200 yards of 30 lb. line before you know it. Chinook are famous for their great energy reserves; the power these fish have is awesome. Sizes range from 15 to 60 pounds with average fish weighing 25 pounds. There is an abundance of Chinook salmon in the Fraser, Chehalis, and Chilliwack/Vedder Rivers of British Columbia. Ocean trips are available year round and can be added to any adventure.

River Prime Times: April - November
Ocean Prime Times: Year-round

Coho Salmon

Also known as Silvers, Coho fishing is almost a way of life on the local rivers during the fall, with huge runs coming in on the rain filled rivers such as the Chilliwack and Chehalis. These smaller systems allow the use of very light tackle or fly equipment. Coho fishing in British Columbia is a sports-man’s dream. Coho are very challenging to fool, one day they grab anything going by, while other times Coho seem to ignore even the best offerings. If it is a challenge you want, this is an excellent sport fish. Our fishing guides offer both conventional and fly fishing trips for all salmon!

Prime Times: September - December

Chum Salmon

Chum, also known as Dog Salmon are the second largest of the Pacific salmon, are so plentiful during the fall that some anglers find them a nuisance if they are seeking other species such as Coho. Chum ranging up to 20 pounds are terrific fighting fish: they are very powerful making long runs and often win the battle between fish and fisherman. Chum salmon can be caught by floating Jigs and spoons using conventional gear or can be fly fished using an 8 weight rod or heavier. Many people come from around the world just to battle these fish especially on the fly.

Prime Times: October - December

Pink Salmon

Pink salmon only run the Fraser River in odd years: 2017, 2019, 2021 etc. They average 3 to 5 pounds, but can attain weights of over 10 lbs, and are very aggressive biters. Pinks can be readily taken on the fly as well as other methods such as casting spoons or casting jigs, and are arguably one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of the salmon species. An average return of Pink salmon returning to our local river will range from 8 to 20 Million fish passing through our region in September alone. Where else in the world can you experience those numbers of fish splashing all around you?

Prime Times: September

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye are the most plentiful of the BC Pacific Salmon; In 2010 We saw a return of over 35 million Sockeye return to the Fraser River. Although millions of Sockeye return annually it is the 4 year cycle fish that get the most attention. The next cycle year will be 2018! Millions of these acrobatic silver bullets enter the Fraser River and its tributaries yearly. Sockeye are very streamlined and battle extremely well, often spending more time in the air than in the water. Sockeye average 4 to 8 pounds, and are considered great table fare. Due to the nature of these fish, openings vary from year to year.

Prime Times: mid-August - mid-September

Steelhead Trout

British Columbia hosts one of the largest Steelhead trout populations in the world, and the Fraser Valley is a great place to start. Steelhead are available all year in some of our rivers, having both summer and winter run fish, while others only offer one. Steelhead are considered to be one of the most elusive of all North American game fish, and when hooked put up a battle second to none. These fish are worth the effort. Our most popular Steelhead adventure is a 6-hour Chilliwack River Walk and Wade tutorial! We offer both conventional gear or fly fishing tutorials. These trips can be added to a Sturgeon or trout fishing holiday.

Prime Times: January - April

Cutthroat Trout

Cutthroat trout are available in our local rivers 12 months of the year. They are a very scrappy fish that show an incredible ability to shake the hook. Although challenging to land, Cutthroat trout are very aggressive feeders, allowing anglers a wide variety of choices when it comes to presentation and choice of equipment.

Try a guided fly fishing trip on the Harrison or Fraser Rivers for Cutthroat trout aboard one of our custom jet boats. The Lillooet River is another trout and char fishing paradise with a healthy population of Cutthroat.

Prime Times: February - November

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are one of the most acrobatic fish around; They take powerful runs, love to leap, and are always up to a good battle. Rainbow trout are plentiful in most lakes and streams in British Columbia. The average size of our rainbow trout is 12 to 20 inches depending on the system fished.

If you have never fished with a fly rod, don’t worry, our teaching guides will help instruct you to ensure a good time and the best chance of success.

Prime Times: April - November

Bull trout and Dolly Varden Char

These are probably the most aggressive trout when it comes to taking a fly, lure, or bait! They are available in most of our freshwater rivers and lakes depending on time of year, however the best fishing can be found on more remote river systems like the Upper Pitt or Lillooet Rivers.

Our guided fishing holidays include both lake and river trips offering something for all types of sport fishers.

Prime Times: April - December

Remote River Fishing

Most of our trips for Rainbow and Bull trout are up to the remote Lillooet River or Pitt River systems. These rivers are a trout and char fisherman’s paradise!

These are both jet boat access only rivers - it's an adventure to remember!

The Lillooet River

Located at the top end of Harrison Lake, the Lillooet River holds good numbers of Rainbow and Cutthroat trout as well as Dolly Varden Char and Bull trout. It also holds Steelhead trout and Pacific Salmon at various times during the year.

Prime Times: September - May

The Pitt River

The Pitt River is also a good option for those wanting to fish both Salmon and Trout in the same day.

Prime Times: June - August